Filitheyo island, The Maldives, April 2002

(a short summary from Hebrew)

A long time dream vacation that came true. A superb resort, but if you miss the right diving season, you might be a bit disappointed...

I was planning to get to Filitheyo in February but had to delay the trip till April. Though it made the vacation less expensive, it was at the end of the diving season there. The 45 min. flight from Male to Filitheyo is an experience of its own. The scenery is absolutely marvelous: small sand banks and tropical islands surrounded by blue and turquoise sea.
Water villas @ Filitheyo
Water villas @ Filitheyo

The resort is beautiful and if you can afford it, book a water villa as it's a good way to spoil yourselves during a diving vacation. The staff is great, the food is superb, and the resort is clean and quiet. As for the diving center [ werner lau ]: a professional diving center, well kept, the dive masters are good and would do almost everything to make the diving pleasing.
Filitheyo Island
Filitheyo island

The dive sites of Filitheyo
First and foremost: the house reef of the island.
The house reef has 8 entry/exit points and can be dived without extra cost, meaning that the dives there are not part of the diving package that you paid for. You can dive there day dives or night ones, as long as you follow the center's guiding rules. The tank boys are giving an excellent service by carrying your gear and tanks from and to the diving center. What's to see there? A nice wall going down to about 40 meters, lots of sea stars, reef fish, soft corals and cuttlefish. In the lagoon itself (under the water villas) I spotted rays, other claimed to see a shark. There are many sites around Filitheyo, some I've dived, other not. I highly recommend these sites:

Filitheyo Tila
Declared as a nature reserve, this site was the best site in my trip: strong currents but with huge schools of fish that block the vision, tunas and sharks!

Kudafalhu (Manta Point)
In the right season - a great site to spot mantas.
Manta Point
Manta Point

Dolphins Corner
A healthy reef, lots of fish and lots of corals. I spotted a manta and a dolphin and a spotted stingray. Great dive.

Other than that, there are many sites to explore that can keep you busy for a week or two...
Happy hour, everyday at 16:00 by the pool
Happy hour, everyday at 16:00 by the pool


The beautiful scenery of the Maldives from the air and Filitheyo resort