Diving in Dahab, September 2003

(a short summary from Hebrew)

A very lazy Bedouin town that offers some great dive spots, almost half the way between Taba and Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. So close to home yet, feels so far away.
The way it's being done in Dahab
The way it's being done in Dahab

Unfortunately not too many dives; only two dives a day and a total of only four dives.
What a bummer!
I was staying at the Hilton Dahab for a weekend. A very good hotel and relatively cheap, at least for the prices back in 2003. I dived with Sinai Divers which has a diving center within the hotel's premises. The staff there was great, professional and tidy, but the dives were too expensive ($25 per dive at the time), relatively to Sinai's prices. You can find cheaper operators. You need not pay too much per dive in Dahab. Most of the dives in Dahab are relaxed shore dives. Get into the Bedouin time frame, kick back and enjoy. No need to rush things up and no use to rush 'em up.

Well, I didn't dive in the 'Islands' (yet), it's something that I'll just have to do the next time I'm there (when will it be?!), this site in highly recommended.
Out of my four dives, two were In 'Southern Oasis'. I dived the sites of 'Shark Cave' & '3 Pools'. Fair dives there. The other two dives were in sites which Dahab is famous for: The Blue Hole/The Bells and The Canyon. There are many other great diving spots in Dahab as well.

The Canyon
Very unique scenery formed by the bubbles of other divers from below on your way to the entrance point. When inside: a nice view of rays of light coming from the crack above you while you are in the dark hall (30m).

The Bells+The Blue Hole
These two sites can be done in one great dive. Starting with the Bells: a narrow half-open funnel down to 28 meters with an exit point to the open sea, along a steep wall, going hundreds of meters down, till the shallow part of the wall (7 meters) on the outer rim of the Blue Hole. A superb dive!!
Snapshots from Dahab